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If asked to name a place on the earth where the most powerful source of eternal cosmic energy exists then there is only one answer, The Land of admired God – Tirth Tours Energy of this place is full of spirituality & divinity. This the place where each & everyone who follows or seeks Hinduism, Yoga, Divinity or Peace, must wish to visit this holy land of God of Gods. Though it’s a dream of each Shiva devotee to go for Tirth Tours Yatra at least once in this materialistic life but in reality, there are very few who are really able to make it, even though they might have all resources to go but probably there is no invitation from the land. Visiting Tirth Tours is not just for this life but also for the life beyond this life. We offer are through Nepal route which is lowest in cost & comparatively convenient. One is Tirth Tours by bus from Kathmandu which takes 14 Days & another is Tirth Tours by Helicopter route via Nepalgang.

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